Getting Started Tutorial 2.x
Create the Product Input Flow

Input Flows are responsible for getting data into the Hub staging area. These flows wrap incoming data in Envelopes. It’s useful to wrap incoming data in Envelopes to track lineage and provenance. Who loaded this data? When was it loaded? Where did it come from?

Harmonize Flows are responsible for batch harmonization of data from staging to final. Harmonization is the main purpose of using the Data Hub Framework.

We will start by creating an input flow so that we can load data as-is. This gives us a change to explore our data a bit and hopefully better understand it.

Click on the Flows tab in the top navigation bar.

Click Flows

  1. Click the disclosure arrow next to Product to show the Input and Harmonize Flows.
  2. Click on the + icon next to Input Flows.
  3. Type Load Products into the Input Flow Name field.
  4. Click on the CREATE button.

New Load Products Flows

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Load the Product Data As-Is