Smart Mastering Framework

Integration into MarkLogic Data Hub 5

1.3.1 is our final feature release of Smart Mastering in the Smart Mastering Core repository. As of Data Hub 5.0.0, Smart Mastering is fully integrated into MarkLogic Data Hub as a built-in capability, and the recommended way to use the Smart Mastering capability is by configuring a mastering step in Data Hub. Existing users should migrate their Smart Mastering configuration to MarkLogic Data Hub (see Import Your Smart Mastering Core Projects for instructions). The integration of Smart Mastering into Data Hub offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Built-in support for orchestrating matching and merging across documents.
  • QuickStart UI for configuration of matching and merging

MarkLogic will continue to invest in Smart Mastering as a built-in capability of Data Hub.

What is the Smart Mastering Framework?

Smart Mastering is a product feature to match and merge entities in a data hub. It is a capability within the Data Hub Framework that scores matches and merges data based on configuration to de-duplicate entities.

Smart Mastering improves the quality of data in an operational data hub, enabling better data insights.

Smart Mastering supports Agile Data Management as an iterative, integral part of Data Integration – not yet another siloed architecture or massive standalone project.

How Do I get Started?

See the examples/minimal-project directory to see how to include smart-mastering-core in your project.

To make use of the Smart Mastering functionality, your application can either call the REST API extensions or import XQuery libraries and call the functions directly.

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